Sicilian vs. Regular

Sicilian Pizza

Our Sicilian pizza is a deep-dish or thick-crust pizza. We sell them in a 9-slice or a 15-slice size.

  • The 9-slice size is 16" x 16" and will feed anywhere from 3 to 5 people.
  • The 15-slice size is 28" x 16", comes in 2 large pizza boxes and can feed 6 to 9 people.

Regular Pizza

Our Regular pizza is a thin-crust or Neapolitan pizza. They come in 2 sizes: small (12" in diameter) and large (16" in diameter). The small is suitable for 1 to 2 people while the large feeds 2 to 4 people.

Gluten Free

We now offer gluten free pizza. It comes in a round 10" thin crust that we cook to order. You can get it with any toppings and it takes about 20 minutes to prepare

We can make any of our pizzas in about 10 to 15 minutes, and they can be eaten in our dining room or taken out.

Oh, and always remember:

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